Santa Cruz

General Information

The city of Santa Cruz is located in the Borborema Potiguar and is one of the most important of the Agreste Region. With more than 30 thousand inhabitants, religious tourism is the great distinction in the city. The construction in progress of the Alto de Santa Rita de Cássia on top of Monte Carmelo, a statue that will be the highest in Latin America, 53 meters high, already attracts an enormous number of curiosity seekers to the place. O Alto will actually be a Tourist Complex that should catapult the city definitely into the religious tourism itinerary in Brazil. Other attractions are the Açude (Dam) Alívio, Açude Santa Cruz, the Church of Santa Rita de Cássia and the Cruzeiro do Sítio Furnas.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 111 km.
Leave Natal, on BR-226 for Bom Jesus, Sen. Eloy de Souza, Tangará until you get to Santa Cruz.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Tourist Complex of Alto de Santa Rita de Cássia (in progress),
  • Monte Carmelo,
  • Açude Santa Cruz,
  • Açude Alívio,
  • Church of Santa Rita de Cássia .