General Information

The city of Pendências is located in the Region of the Vale do Açu and has a little more than 11 thousand inhabitants. A typical countryside city it has a rich cultural tradition. Legends and frightening accounts are passed from generation to generation; many of them told by Master Griô Dodora and normally “terrorize” the visitors. Besides the legends, the Indian tradition is very present. Bathed by the River Piranhas-Açu, Pendências is also known for its large production of shrimp.

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 203 km. You can get there by BR-406, from Macau, or by BR-304, from Açu. The two routes lead to RN-118 that crosses the municipality of Pendências.

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Piranhas-Açu River,
  • Casarão de Ofício,
  • Shrimp raising.