General Information

Located on the margins of the Aratuá e Missaba Rivers, the city of Guamaré enchants by its heavenly beauty, islands, beaches, marshes, river with dunes and lakes.Guamaré is also one of the major industrial poles of petroleum extraction (Petrobrás). Tourists have a good time on the boat trips, the caatinga vegetation trails, fishing, buggy trips, besides the festivals like carnival, with the traditional “mela, mela”, and the religious feasts such as the Feast of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes. The local handicraft includes carnauba straw, the making of rag dolls, seashells and ‘bilro’ lace.

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 165 km. Leave Natal by BR-406, go past the village of Baixa do Meio, pick up RN-401. Around 2 hours from the capitol. .

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Dunes of dry marsh,
  • Buggy trip,
  • Boat trip,
  • Trails,
  • Fishing,
  • Carnival,
  • Presidio beach,
  • Cação Island,
  • Minhoto beach,
  • Shrimp farms.