General Information

The second most important city of Rio Grande do Norte, is also known as the Capitol of the West and the Culture Capitol. Mossoró is an important economic pole for the State, with an expressive growth in the number of companies and business and also with the social cultural development that projects the city for all of Brazil. Mossoró has in its tradition the fame of being a vanguard city: the slaves were freed here in 1883, five years before the Lei Áurea (the Law that decreed the end of slavery in the country);also in Mossoró, for the first time in Latin America, a woman had the right to vote, Professor Celina Guimarães Viana.The city is also known for its bravery when its population resisted the invasion of the ‘cangaceiro’ Lampião (feared leader of a gang of gunfighters that during decades terrorized the cities throughout the Northeastern Sertão). Besides these historical curiosities, Mossoró is known for its thermal waters, grottos, sierras, rivers, zoo-botanical park, historical monuments, museums, salt mines and by the handcrafts of , carnauba straw, wood, crude leather, ceramics, and sisal. The São João festival ,the largest in the State, attracts thousands of visitors , as well as the feast of Santa Luzia,patron saint of the city.

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 240 km. With its privileged location, Mossoró can be reached from Natal as well as from Fortaleza by BR-304. Around 4 hours from the capitol. .

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Thermal waters,
  • Grottos, sierras and rivers,
  • Zoo-botanical park and Center of the Multiplication of Wild Animals,
  • Paleontological Museum,Caatinga Museum,
  • Jerônimo Rosado Bridge,
  • Cathedral of Santa Luzia,
  • Vigário Antônio Joaquim Square, Rodolfo Fernandes Square,
  • Feira do Bode (Goat Market),
  • Salinas (Salt reserves),
  • Petroleum and natural gás reserves,
  • Fruit rower park,
  • Santa Luzia presentation, São João,
  • Handicraft (carnauba straw, wood. crude leather, ceramics , sisal and other fibers).

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