São Rafael

General Information

Located 226 km from Natal, this city has as one of its principle tourist attractions the old city, which is submerged, with the church tower of the “Old City’, as it’s popularly called, as an historical marker of the municipality. Visited annually by thousands of visitors from all over the country, the tower is under the waters of the Armando Ribeiro Gonçalves dam. The boat trips, Jet Ski ,diving and sport fishing in this setting turns it into, without doubt, a unique and unforgettable experience.

The city also has Lágea Formosa – rock formations – where you can find cave drawings and practice adventure sports like rappelling, paragliding and hang-gliding

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 226 km. Leave Natal by BR-304, after that by RN-118. It takes about 3 hours. .

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Sierras, Mountains,
  • Lakes, Formosa and Serra Branca,
  • Stones, natural water fonts,
  • Ruins of the old city (submersed in the Barragem Armando Gonçalves),
  • Archeological sites,
  • Fossils of mastons, sloths, and giant armadillos,
  • Barragem Armando Ribeiro Gonçalves,
  • Handicraft (Stones, ceramics, carnauba straw, rag dolls, labyrinth),
  • Fruit growing of cashew and coconut.

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