General Information

Jenipabú Beach is one of the main postcards of Rio Grande do Norte and a truly natural amusement park. Its white dunes are considered the highest in the country and the sweet water lakes complete the scenery that looks more like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The exotic dromedaries are also part of the scenery that is one of the most well known Brazilian vacation spots. Jenipabú is only 30 km from the center of Natal, on the North Shore of the State, and is also the most sought after buggy route by the tourists. Culinary, craftsmanship and adventure sports, like the famous esquibunda (going down the sand dunes sitting on a board) are other attractions that make Jenipabú one of the 5 most visited destinations of Rio Grande do Norte.

How to arrive there

Actually, the route by the Newton Navarro Bridge,leaving the Praia do Meio is the quickest way to get to Jenipabú. Access is also possible from the Igapó Bridge ,and then follow the Jenipabú Road.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Jenipabú Lake
  • Buggy trip on the fix and movable dunes,
  • Água das Dunas Park (ecological park with various species of the local flora),
  • Hang gliding ride,
  • Dromedary ride over the dunes,
  • “Esquibunda” (riding down the dunes seated on a small artensanal wooden board)
  • Handicrafts (lacework, hammocks, colored sand bottles, stone artefacts,etc.)

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