General Information

Situated 55 km from Natal it belongs to the municipality of Maxaranguape. The warm clear waters and the amount of fish found there, form a truly natural aquarium, giving the beach the nicknames of the ‘Brazilian Caribbean’ and the ‘Diving Paradise’. No wonder that it is one of the 5 most visited destinations in Rio Grande do Norte. Maracajaú is a Fishing Village with 1900 inhabitants that still preserve their traditions. It possesses dunes, lakes, diving in the ‘Parrachos’ ( these are coral reefs 7 km from the coast – an Environmental Preservation Area, controlled by IBAMA and IDEMA)an aquatic park and an excellent option for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy nature. It has a tourist infrastructure with excellent inns, small hotels, national, international and home cooking restaurants, and small crafts shops. Its waters are ideal for practicing kite surf and windsurf.

How to arrive there

Leave Natal by BR-101, going towards the North Shore, by the Newton Navarro Bridge or the  Igapó Bridge.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Diving in the ‘Parrachos’,
  • Snorkel and deep sea(baptism),
  • Baião lake,
  • Ma-noa Aquatic Park,
  • Horseback riding on the dunes,
  • Teresa Pança lighthouse – constructed in 1940,
  • Sunken Ship,
  • Maracajuão – São João festival, touristic Maracajaú.
  • Grupo de Pastoril,
  • Quadrilha Junina,
  • Orquestra de crianças – violão e flauta,
  • Banda Pop,
  • Grupo de Índios,
  • Feira de Artesanato e Biblioteca na Praça.

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