Baía Formosa

General Information

Baía Formosa is a city located on the South shore of RN that hás the largest reserve of Atlantic Woodland over dunes in the State. The Mata Estrela is the home of hundreds of species and can be dicovered through the trails accompanied by a special guide. Discover in this natural environment a very special attraction: Araraquara Lake whose, dark waters gave it the nickname of Coca-Cola Lake. According to local beliefs, these waters rejuvenate and cure. Besides this Baía Formosa is made up of the beaches of Sagi; Farol, Perobas e Barreirinhas, pedestined to swimming or comtemplating, where nature sculpts exuberant forms with wild and mystic landscapes. Surrounded by cliffs and dunes, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view, it is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy peace and natural scenery. Baía Formosa also divides with Pipa and Barra de Tabatinga the preference of surfers coming from the most diversified corners of Brazil and the world.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 97,9km. Leave Natal going in the direction of the South Shore, by BR 101 until the entrance to the left of RN 062.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Perfect beaches for the practice of nautical sports and surfing,
  • Buggy trips, Lagoa da Coca-Cola,
  • Ecological trails in the Mata Estrela (the onlyAtlantic woodland on dunes)
  • Lakes,
  • Cliffs,
  • Handicrafts (‘bilro’ lace).

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