General Information

Extremoz is part of the Metropolitan Region of Natal, beyond the urban zone, and is made up of the beach cities of Santa Rita, Genipabu e Pitangui. The diversity of its coast makes Extremoz a rich destination for tourist activities: from the famous dunes of Genipabu, with the buggy trips over the dunes, dromedary rides, to the beauty of the Atlantic woods, marshlands, archeological sites, lakes, the practice of nautical sports and hand gliding. The cultural richness is through the uncountable religious festivals besides the traditional June festival and also the handicrafts ( pieces adorned in colored sand and hand made loom carpets).Extremoz also has important historical monuments, such as the Matriz de São Miguel, considered one of the most beautiful churches of colonial architecture in the State.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal – 16 km. – Leave Natal by the coast over Newton Navarro Bridge, following the Genipabu Road or by way of the urban Center, by way of the Igapó Bridge, following RN-107 and then by RN-160.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Santa Rita Beach: a peaceful beach , ideal for Summer vacation, dunes.
  • Jenipabú Beach
  • Pitangui Beach : ideal beach for Summer vacation, buggy trips
  • Pitangui Lake,with kaiak and pedal boat trips
  • Matriz de São Miguel
  • Água das Dunas Ecological Park

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