General Information

The city of Macaíba is part of the Metropolitan Region of Natal and represents an important economic pole of the Region. The municipality, with the actual population of 54 thousand inhabitants, emerged around the XVIII century ,on the margins of the Jundiaí River, and stood out principally in the period of the Second World War, turning into a strategic business area.Macaíba is a constantly growing muncipality and quite developed, among its tourist attractions note especially the Solar do Ferreiro Torto Museum, that tells of the local history, the ruins of the Guarapes mansion (from where the cotton produced in the State was sent abroad) and the Solar Caxangá. The city is also the cradle of prominent ‘Norte-Riograndenses’, like the writer Auta de Souza and the Brazilian pioneer aviator Augusto Severo. Cultural events such as the traditional June festival “O maior São João da Gente” attract thousands of visitors every year.

How to arrive there

Leave Natal by BR-101, in the direction of Parnamirim, from there take BR-304.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • June Festival “O maior São João da gente”
  • Industrial District of Macaíba,
  • Solar do Ferreiro Torto,
  • Solar do Caxangá,
  • Praça da Saudade,
  • Guarapes ruins,
  • Chapel of São José,
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Soledade and Matriz N. S. da Conceição Church.

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