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Natal is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, a city with around 800 thousand. It receives annually 2 million visitors from all over the world who come to breathe “the purest air of the Americas”, visit the largest cashew tree in the world and get to know the more than 20 beaches with heavenly views of dunes and a clean calm sea. Natal is among the most sought after destinations in the Northeast region of Brazil, favored by its location, but principally for its natural beauties and infrastructure for leisure that enchants visitors.

The Sun City is, besides, this the stage of many festivals and cultural wealth, where the largest pre- carnival celebration (Carnatal) takes place. It possesses in its history traces of Dutch and Portuguest colonization, but was also an ícon as a military base in World War II; it harbors the second largest urban wooded park in Brazil (Parque das Dunas) but aside from all of this conserves the charm of an average size city, offering comfort and safety to its visitors.

Because of all this, Natal was chosen by thousands of visitors from all parts of the world, not only as a tourist destination, but also as a new place to live, seeing that it is one of the capitols that has shown the highest growth in the number of residents. With the warming up of the real estate market, the “Cidade do Sol” is also a perfect mix between leisure, life quality and business opportunities.. Good to visit, better to live, ideal to grow.

  • Foundation: December 25, 1599.
  • Location: Northeast Brazil., 5o 40´51″ S e 5o 55´07″ – latitude south, 35o 08´ 16″ e 35o 18´ 20″ – latitude west
  • Territorial extension: 169 km².
  • Territorial limits: to the North with Extremoz, to the South with Parnamirim, to the East with the Atlantic Ocean, and to the West with São Gonçalo do Amarante/Macaíba.
  • Altitude: 30m
  • Population: 712.317 inhabitants (Census IBGE 2000)
  • Climate: Tropical humid with rain in the winter and dry summers.
  • Vegetation: coastal formation
  • Average monthly insolation: 265 hours of sun, 300 days/year
  • Average yearly temperature: 26,2°C

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