Pedra Grande

General Information

Pedra Grande is around two hours from Natal, located on the North Shore of the State and offers attractions that the visitor can’t miss. Among its beaches is Praia do Marco, where the Portugueses placed the first colonization mark, a marble column brought by the Portuguese fleet and fixed on the beach in 1501. A reproduction of the mark, known as the Marco de Touros, continues at the site while the original can be seen in the Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, in Natal. Exu Queimado Beach, besides the exuberant beauty of its moving dunes, is also and important Pole for fishing, with a large production of lobster and deep sea fish. The region is the cradle of the sea turtles that can be seen on the shore at the time of spawning. The beaches of Currais, Barra e Cajarana still keep the air of a fishing village and appear even more sublime, being practically uninhabited. Grottos, caves and lakes make the region a perfect place for lovers of ecotourism.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 129 km Leave Natal by BR-406, then take RN-120 to Pedra Grande.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest


  • Enxú Queimado Beach,
  • Marco Beach(replica of Marco de Touros),
  • Barra Beach,
  • Cajarana Beach,
  • Currais Beach,
  • Moving dunes,
  • Cabeça do Mororó,
  • Lajedo Grotto, Morais Grotto,
  • Boca do Campo Lake, da Cutia,
  • Lajedo Cave and Morais Cave.