Rio do Fogo (Punaú)


General Information

Rio do Fogo, located in the North of the State, has heavenly beaches. Lakes, parrachos, preserved woodland and a lot of peacefulness making the city an ideal destination for those in search of fresh water and shade. The name of the city, according to the legend, is because there once appeared a great circle of fire that fishermen said they saw in the Lake, that was from then on called “lake of fire”.As the waters of the lake meet the sea, forming a kind of river, the village from then on was called Rio do Fogo. The atmosphere of the fishing village still persists, even though the city has almost 10 thousand inhabitants today. Among the principle attractions are the good locations to practice diving, sailing and canoing, besides the natural pools and local handicrafts.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 80 km Leave Natal by BR-101, going towards the North Shore.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Beaches,
  • Lakes,
  • Forest reserves,
  • Diving,
  • Handicraft (labyrinth lace),
  • Marshland reserve,
  • Parrochos,
  • Lake, dunes, river,
  • Canoing and sailing

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