Senador Georgino Avelino

General Information

Senador Georgino Avelino, baptized in honor of a journalist, diplomat and politician of great notoriety in the national scene, is the destination of nature lovers. The city, on the South Shore of the State is the natural habitat of the marine peixe-boi, practically deserted beaches, lakes, dunes, preserved areas of the Atlntic woodlands and marshlands enchants visitors. The Malembá Beach and the Guaraíras Lake are the principle attractions, besides the beauty of the handicrafts in sisal and fiber.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 55 km Leave Natal by BR-101, in direction of the South Shore to Arez. From there, follow RN-061.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Occurences of the marine peixe-boi,
  • Malembá Beach,
  • Guaraíras Lake,
  • Lakes, dunes and marshlands,
  • Craftsmanship (sisal, fiber),
  • Santo Antônio Sanctuary

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