General Information
Acari shows off its title of “the cleanest city in Brazil” and to hold one of the most important religious collection of the XVIII century, such as the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church and the History Museum of Acari, preserved by the ‘Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional’ since 1964. Acari is the oldest city in the Seridó, having been an ancient Indian village of the ‘Cariris’ Indians. Its name comes from a kind of fish with rough scales and delicious white meat, common in the Acauã River, that bathes part of the region. The city also offers beautiful scenery and a privileged part of nature. The Serra do Bico da Arara harbors in its grottos, from March to September every year, thousands of ‘andorinhões’, migratory birds whose origin is still unknown. The Gargalheiras Dam, with 40 million cubic meters of water between rocks and sierras is a spectacle of rare rustic beauty .
Other tourist points , like the Sierras of Pai Pedro and Lagoa Seca, also are part of the itnerary, as well as the natural rock formations that play with the tourist’s imagination, like the rocks of the Saint, the Plane and the Shoemaker. In the Poço do Arthur, you can find painted inscriptions dated from more than ten thousand years ago.

How to arrive there Distance from Natal: 209 km.

Leave Natal going towards Macaíba by RN-226 to Currais Novos. From there, follow BR-427. .

Attractions and Special Points of Interest
– Açude Gargalheiras ,

– Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church

– Museu Histórico de Acari

– Serra do Bico do Arara

– Serra do Pai Pedro

– Lagoa Seca

– Painted inscriptions

– Mountaineering

– Historical monuments

– Cave exploring

– Handicrafts.
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