Carnaúba dos Dantas

General Information
Carnaúba dos Dantas is a small city, located in the Seridó Region, 227km from the capitol, emerging from a rural property around the XIX century. The city is surrounded by sierras , such as the Rajada Sierra, the Pedra do Dinheiro and the Monte do Galo, that reserve secrets of rare natural beauty and mysteries that haunt the locals imagination.
The principle tourist attraction is, without doubt, the Monte do Galo (Rooster’s Mount), founded in 1927, in which staircases interculated with ramps show the 14 Stations of the Cross, responsible for the Religious Tourism livelihood. The arrival at the top of the hill offers a panoramic view of the city, where the visitors will become acquainted with the famous sculpture in the shape of a rooster that weighs 5 tons. From the mount you will visit the Castelo (castle) Bivar, in medieval French arquitecture , that surprises with its unusualness. Don’t forget to visit the Pedra do Dinheiro (Money Rock), set in the Sítio Maribondo, responsible for many local legends . It tells that at midnight a golden lamb appears at the foot of the rock making a lot of noise.
Carnaúba has illustrous sons like the composer Tonheca Dantas,one of the most expressive names in the artistic history of Rio Grande do Norte. His work is vast and enriched with the beautiful melody of his marches, military marches and walzes, among them “Royal Cinema”.
How to arrive there Distance from Natal: 227 km.

Leave Natal by BR-304 to Macaíba, taking the cloverleaf for BR-226 to Currais Novos, from there take BR-427 that goes to Acari.The visitor leaving Acari, takes BR-427 and a part of RN 086 then follow to cloverleaf and take RN-086.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest
– State Archeological Sites,

– Sierras

– Bivar Castle

– Historical monuments

– Museum

– Religious Tourism at Monte do Galo

– The Carving of Gavião.
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