Cerro Corá

General Information
Cerro Corá, an extremely beautiful place, is the home of the source of the Potengi River, where you will be able to fin the Vale Vulcânico, with its natural tanks , the Ilha do Sossego, the Sierras da Rajada e Verde, and the Eloy de Souza Dam, constructed in 1937. The municipality has around 10 thousand inhabitants,is located in a mountainous area, about 575 meters above sea level where the temperature , in some months of the year , is below 20º. The region also offers a visit to arqueologial sites with painted inscriptions.
Lke most of the northeastern semi-arid municipalities, Cerro Corá had its populating and formation characterized first by the cattle cycle and later by the cotton cycle. It’s in Cerro Corá, in the Serra de Santana, the source of the Potengi River , at an altitude of 712 m above sea level. From the Eloy de Souza Dam, where you have the first reservoir of the dam, you can see a spectacular sunset.
Another cutiosity of the place are the tunnels that that should have opened the way for a railway , that would give access to the cities of Angicos and Lajes. The tunnels started to be opened in Serra de Santana, in the 20’s, by the English and Germans for the transport of cotton, but was never concluded ,due to the difficulty to perforate the Sierra.

How to arrive there Distance from Natal: 186 km.

Leave Natal, by BR 226 and RN-042.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest
– Sierras of more than 800 meters in height

– Sierra da Rajada

– Sierra Verde

– Sierra de Santana

– Railway Tunnels

– Arqueological Sites

– Rio Potengi Source

– Grottos, rivers, wells and dams

– Chapada

– Caatinga

– Handicrafts (fibers, ceramics and sticks ),

– Vale Vulcânico
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