Felipe Guerra

General Information

Located in the marshy region of Apodi, in the Western Potiguar Region, the city of Felipe Guerra, with around 5 thousand inhabitants , is noted principally for its hidden beauty in the caverns of the origin cretácea, as for example, Lajedo do Rosário, the Rainha, Passagem Funda, Urubu, Catedral and Abissal, whose beauty and diversity of formations attract researchers and scholars from all over Brazil.The calcareous region holds landscapes of extreme beauty and is ideal for the practice of ecotourism and adventure sports.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 351 km.
Leave Natal by BR 304 in the direction of Assu, then take RN – 233, going past Caraúbas. Around 4 hour and 58 min. From the capitol.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Lajedo do Rosário,
  • Caverns of the Rainha, Urubu and Abissal

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