General Information

The municpality of Alexandria is located in the Western Region of the State. With a population of around 15 thousand inhabitants, its economy is based principally on agriculture and fishing. One of the principle points of interest is the Serra da Barriguda,elected in 2007 by the Potiguares , in first place as one of the seven marvels of Rio Grande do Norte.

The first name of the city , in about the XVIII century, was Barriguda. According to the historian and local physician Dr. Antônio Fernandes Mousinho, there are two versions about the name’s origin, one due to the famous Serra da Barriguda, post card picture of the city, and reminds one of a pregnant woman, and the second to the presence of a tree that exists in a spring found at the top of the referred sierra and that wa known in the region by the name of Barriguda.

How to arrive there

Disance from Natal : 380 km
Leave Natal, by BR-226 to Pau dos Ferros, then take RN-078 to Alexandria.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Serra da Barriguda

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