Doutor Severiano

General Information

Located in the Chapada do Apodi Region, in the Serra de São Miguel, Doutor Severiano is a typical Norte-Riograndense countryside city, with a strong religious tradition.Located in the southeast region of the State, on the border with Ceará, with almost 7 thousand inhabitants,its name is in honor of Francisco Severiano de Figueiredo Sobrinho, judge and representative that contributed to the development of the Region. The economy of the city is principally based on agriculture, cultivating fruts and also in production of delicacies of a sugar cane base, like brown sugar, sugar cane mill honey, etc. Doutor Severiano also in notable for its production of textiles and pottary. Ecotourism is outstanding , since the region of Serra de São Miguel is filled with rivers, waterfalls and places to walk and trails.The religious festivity expresses itself in honor of Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Santa Luzia.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 426 km.
Leave Natal by BR 304, continue on RN-233, then by BR 405, and finally by RN-177 and then right again.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Serra de São Miguel,
  • Feast of Nossa Senhora do Carmo,
  • Feast of Santa Luzia