Luís Gomes

General Information

The city of Luís Gomes, located in the Western Region of the State, privileged for its exotic scenery and mild climate, typical of the serrano region, with an average temperature of 22º, going down to 15º in the winter, is a place of rare beauty and offers its visitors the best angles of scenery and ravines.
Luis Gomes standds out for maintainig alive cultural traditions such as for example Os Penitentes do Alto do Tambor ( the penitants from the height of the drum), the Alto dos Cândidos, folklorical dances such as Dança do Maneiro Pau, the Dança de Caboclo, besides the buildings whose constructions date back one hundred years. Tourists can visit the Tourist Complex Belvedere (Complexo Turístico Mirante) (spectacular views of the cities of RN, Ceará e Paraíba), flour houses, mill houses, the Public Market ( constructed in 1907), the typical squares of the countyside, clean tree lined streets, the church Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Santana.
The enchanted beauty of the waterfall of Relo is an obligatory stop for whoever visits the mountains. In July , the city commemorates the Feast of the patron saint of Santana, an event that brings together large crowds that includes religious, visitors and Norte-Rio-Grandenses from all regions of the State.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 450 km.
Leave Natal, by BR-304, then continue on RN-203 in direction of Currais Novos, by BR-427 in direction of Caicó, by RN-288, going by Catolé do Rocha and Alexandria, to BR 405 in the direction of Luís Gomes.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Tourist Complex Belvedere (Complexo Turístico Mirante), flour houses, mill houses,
  • the church Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Santana,
  • the Public Market , Feast of the Patron Saint Santana, Relo waterfall

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