General Information

The city of Martins is located in the Middle West Potiguar. Because of its location in the mountain region, it offers an agreeable cool climate, attracting thousands of tourists, especially during winter time , in the months of June and July. Martins became famous in these last years because of its gastonomical festival that became the most important in the State. Other outstanding points are the Trincheira Grotto and the road that goes up the mountain, the famous Casa de Pedra (House of Stone), Pedra Rajada , Pedra do Sapo ( Frog Stone), Sr. Clezinho’s Ecological Reserve, the niche of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, the Historical Musum, the Demétrio Lemos Museum, the Belvederes of Canto and of the Carranca and the Sunset Trail .
The lively June feasts are commemorated with bonfires, fireworks and typial food. In the end of the year there is the feast of the patron saint, Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 362 km.
Leave Natal by BR-304 to Assu, continuing on RN-233 to Caraúbas, on RN-117 by Umarizal, to Martins.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Serra de Martins,
  • Gastronomical Festival of Martins,
  • Grotto of Trincheira
  • Casa de Pedra – Pedra Rajada, pedra do Sapo,
  • Ecological reserve, – Museums, belvederes,
  • June Feasts.

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