Pau dos Ferros

General Information

Pau dos Ferros is one of the cities of the Western Potiguar Region Pole, being a cultural and economical reference for more than 30 municipalities of the Region. The city is one big festival: vaquejada ( type of rodeo), out of season Carnival (Carnapau) , Education Fair, Culture and Business in the West Potiguar (FINECAP), the feast of the Patron Saint Nossa Senhora da Conceição, among many other events that attracts thousands of tourists every year. With more than 25 thousand inhabitants, Pau dos Ferros, is noted for its religious tourism and events and ecogical tourism, sicne the region is surrounded by natural beauties to be discovered by its visitors.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 400 km.
Leave Natal, taking BR-304 in the direction of Assu, then by RN-233, and finally by BR-405.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Intermunicipality Fair of Education, Culture and Business of the West Potiguar (FINECAP),
  • Carnapau, out of season Carnival of Pau dos Ferros,
  • Cultural Center Joaquim Corrêia,
  • Handicraft, paintings on canvas, cross stitch,
  • Pau dos Ferros Dam,
  • Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Conceição,
  • Obelisck,
  • Vaquejada of Pau dos Ferros,
  • Chapel of São Benedito.